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Have you always wanted to start a business but didn't know where to begin? Do you feel intimidated by the technological aspect of starting a business? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with limited resources? In this book you'll learn:

How to start a business

You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Your idea doesn't have to be original to be successful.

Cheaper ways to finance

What's worth more than money is ingenuity and creativity. Where you lack in money, make up for in creativity.

How to build your customer base

The methods of generating, finding and retaining customers are abundant especially with the use of technology.


About The Author

In Shut Up and Startup, author Damion Hollomon simplifies the process by removing todays ever-confusing business jargon and demonstrates how embracing the basics can be just as effective in achieving your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, the HolloHosting co-founder and author of "How To Monetize Anything" explains how he turned a simple idea into a global mobile app business, while having very little experience and very few options. Through practical approaches, unconventional business methods and stories of lessons learned, he proves how starting a business is not just exclusive to the business-savvy experts.

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Straight to the point, doesn't disappoint.

C. Baker, Cincinnati

If you're starting a business, keep this book with you.

M. Thompson, Houston

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